Rocky Horror Picture Show – The Movie

In recent years, the characters costumes of the theater play and movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” have taken on a new popularity among the individuals that belong to Generation X and the Millennials or Generation Y. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was actually a film adaptation of the classic rock theater show produced in Britain called “The Rocky Horror Show”. The film was released in the year of 1975 and written by a man by the name of Richard O’Brien. The concept of the show comes from a parody that involves both horror movies created on a low budget and popular science fiction concepts. Despite the fact that this story was first introduced to the world nearly four decades ago, many are starting to develop a fascination with and a passion for Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes for Halloween and other festive occasions.

The Plot at a Glance

If you are interested in purchasing some of the Rocky Horror Picture Show outfits or accessories, it is important that you have a solid understanding of the plot that surrounds the theatrical and screen production of the story. By doing so, you will understand the purpose behind your costume and the significance of it as it relates to this particular production. The story itself is narrated by a criminologist. It tells the story of a couple that have recently gotten married and have
experienced the unfortunate experience of being stranded on an extremely cold and wet November night as a result of a tire that has gone flat. The couple leaves their vehicle in order to find a telephone that may be used to call someone for assistance. However, they had no idea at that which they were about to discover.

In search of a way to communicate with others for assistance, the couple – Janet and Brad – happens to stumble upon a yearly Transylvanian Convention which includes individuals from the area, their servants, and several other unusual and strange characters. Not too long into their unusual discovery, they meet a man by the name of “Dr. Frank-N-Furter“, who, interestingly enough refers to himself as the “Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania”. Naturally, Brad and Janet are in shock over the events that are transpiring around them. That is, until the mysterious doctor claims that he holds the “Secret to Life Itself”. If you are searching for Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes, this infamous and unusual doctor is considered to be the theme for most. There are even many that elect to dress up like Janet and Brad.

As the plot continues, the Doctor shows Janet and Brad what it is that he has created. It is the “Rocky Horror” character. However, the event is suddenly halted when the individual that used to be a delivery boy that provided part of Rocky’s brain comes out of a deep freeze by riding on a motorcycle. The Doctor pursues the character and murders him with an axe that is composed of ice because of the fact that he was in a rage created by pure jealousy. Immediately thereafter, Janet and Brad are each directed to different bedrooms. At this point, the Doctor attempts to seduce both of them – but not as himself. He pretends to be Janet in the presence of Brad and pretends to be Brad in the presence of Janet. However, Janet does not fall for it and makes an attempt to find her husband. It is then that she discovers he is with the Doctor on a monitor that she is viewing.

Despite the fact that she is upset, she notices that Rocky Horror (to the left) is hiding in the birth tank from the character known as “Riff Raff”.

This character has been taunting Rocky and she assists in helping him. While doing so, she actually seduces Rocky. In the meantime, two characters named “Magenta” and “Columbia” are watching Janet and Rocky through a special monitor that is located within their bedroom. When searching for Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes, you will find that the characters of “Riff Raff”, “Rocky”, “Magenta” and “Columbia” are also popular options among those that thoroughly enjoy the production.

Most prefer to purchase the costumes that represent the main characters of The Rocky Horror Picture Show because of the fact that they are such popular characters.

Continuing on with the story, several realize that the creature is missing and when the Doctor, along with Brad and Riff Raff, return to the main lab, they discover that there is an intruder located within the building. A man who taught the newlywed couple in high school has come into the structure searching for his nephew, Eddie. The intruder’s name is “Dr. Everett Scott”. Dr. Frank has a suspicion that the other doctor takes part in government based UFO investigations. When he learns that the couple is connected to the doctor, he is led to believe that they are working for the individual. However, the guests are permitted to stay for dinner. Unfortunately, they realize that the food has been prepared from the body of Eddie. Janet becomes terrified and runs to Rocky. They are then pursued by others. They eventually end up in the lab and are transformed into statutes that are living.

Shortly thereafter, the individuals are made to perform a floor show. The characters Magenta and Riff Raff interrupt and make an announcement that they will be returning to their planet – called “Transsexual”. They then save Brad and Janet and even Dr. Scott after killing Rocky, Columbia, as well as Frank. The castle then lifts into the air and sets off for the home planet. As the narrator concludes The Rocky Horror Picture Show, he informs the audience that man is, indeed, alone and is like nothing more than a rock that is simply floating through space.

This video is a great introduction into the beginning of the Transsexual Transylvania adventure!


Despite the fact that the plot of this production is a bit on a wild side, it is metaphoric in numerous ways. This is one reason why Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes are considered to be so popular among many. Not only do the costumes reflect the plot and the variety of characters that are part of this elaborate story line, they reflect the variety of characters that individuals are subjected to through life and that, despite it all, we are all ultimately alone. If you are interested in Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes, you will discover a large variety of pieces that are sure to capture your eye. By choosing among these costumes, you will be the highlight of any occasion.

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